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Hi I'm John and I'm less than two weeks away from moving from Columbia, South Carolina to Tucson. I was a West Coast kid implanted into the Deep South more than a decade ago for college. Looking forward to a new adventure. I've not got a lot of experience smoking but not a total newbie, you can't live in the south, love to cook and not learn a few things about bbq! Now I'm back in school again, wanting to get closer to my family. Already told the old man I am commendering his smokers on a regular basis. I don't think he'll mind some extra bbq!
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Welcome back to AZ, John. You'll find a lot of good company in our Tucson members, plus a fine place for BBQ called The Hog Pit.
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Mark Motta
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Welcome, great to have you here.  Definitely stop in to the Hog Pit when you get Tucson.  Ask for Mark or Dorothy.  They'll definitely hook you up....great folks.
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I love animals.  They're delicious!
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Thanks! Though this is my first time living in AZ, Mark, originally from CA. I'll definitely check out the Hog Pit.
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Welcome John you have made the right move.
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