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 >:D Hey guys I am new to the smoking world I am from Wickenburg Az. And curently Worh as a chef. I have bbqed for years and think i do decently but as i learned lastnight smoking is somthing i am gonna need some help with and ALOT of trial and error.
I built a almost exact replica of the brinkmanns smoke n pit profesinal except i used heaver gauge steal. then this morning i got a reply from a gentelman from another fourm i went to yesterday and he sent me some mod info like extending the stack to just above the cooking grill and putting in a baffle to deflect the fire box heat plus i am building a Charcoal basket in the next few days. Thank god i had some streched steal left over from the smoker build lol. anyways i hope to get and give some great advice on here. talk to you all later.
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Welcome to the site, great to have you on here.  Glad you found us.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

We have a lot of really great members on here and they are always willing to help out and offer ideas and suggestions, so any questions you may have, just jump on in and post them.  I'm sure you will get lots of great feedback.

Hopefully we get to meet you soon at an event.  The Cook-off in November would be a great time to try out your new found love of smoking meats. 



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Welcome aboard Rob. Let us know how that home built smoker works out for you.
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