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Hello from Scottsdale!

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Hello! I'm Don and I originally hail from the greater LA area, but have lived in Arizona for 8 years now. I don't see myself going anywhere for a while. My father bought me a smoker a few years ago for my birthday and I was instantly hooked! I've smoked ribs, chicken, turkey, brisket, pork (including whole hog), oxtails, sausage, and beans just to rattle off a few! Anyhow, I came here to learn and to be part of the much larger BBQ-lovin' community. I hope to get into competitions at some point, but ultimately, I just hope there is something that I can add to the forum. I look forward to it!  :)
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Welcome to the forum Don,lots of great people here and hope to see you at an upcoming event.
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Great to have you with us, Don. We look forward to meeting you soon! ;D
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Mark Motta
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Welcome aboard Don....Enjoy the site
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Gizzy's Q'N Crew......"FANG" Tastic BBQ
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