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Hi folks. Been smoking meats for a few years now. Backyard level - expert, competition level - newbie. I keep getting told I should open a restaurant but that's NOT gonna happen. I know how much hard work that is.
I've got a WSM 18, a 22 kettle, and a Genesis Silver gasser. I make my own rubs and sauces. Pretty good with pulled pork, ribs, chicken, lamb, fish. Brisket flat still kicks my butt sometimes. Point is great, but not flat. Just can't seem to get it tender enough. Feels pretty good when I pull it but then it toughens up as it rests. Only one cure - KEEP TRYING! :-)
I'm a rookie CBJ for KCBS. Looking to judge my first comp. Eventually I'd like to do comp BBQ but work is still in the way of that dedication. I'd be interested in assisting a team to get a feel for how the whole comp thing goes. My stuff is pretty good, but I know darn well there's a lot more I can learn.
I hope to add to my knowledge here and help others where I can. Best wishes to all and talk to you soon.

Charlie Kaiser
Kingman, AZ

Here's a sample...

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Good looking stuff, Charlie. Great to have you here. Please keep posting photos and tell us what you did. That's how we all learn from each other.  :)
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Mark Motta
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Smokey Hayes

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Good lookin' "Q" Charlie!
Welcome aboard!
Check out my post in upcoming events, maybe you would like to compete or judge.
Scott "Smokey" Hayes
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