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Randy Drwinga

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Hi all,
First post.  I'm working on a temperature controller for my Visions Kamado style cooker.  First run was good, 4.5 hours for pork belly to hit 165'F.  Finished in a hoisin sauce braise for an hour, served with seasoned rice noodles.  Not sure what that green stuff on the plate is  ::).

Second session was with pork shoulder.  A lot more meat on the smoker, and went 8 hours.  More finicky that day, but still held pretty well.  Using the "Minion method" with only a portion of the charcoal lit to start with.  And a pan of water under the pork.

Looking forward to learning more!
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Randy Drwinga

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This was a "brisket bunk bed" set up on the kamado from earlier.
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Terrific looking food, Randy. Thanks for posting it!
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Mark Motta
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Randy Drwinga

First time I used my plate setter I made calzones.  One of them left a stain that looks like Bucky Cat.  Not the same as seeing Elvis in your toast, but interesting.
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