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I have been away from my pit for awhile only smoking something occasionally for the last few years, but life has dealt me a new hand I'm thrilled to be Que'ing again!  I've got the fever pretty bad again.   ;D

I've been smoking since 2002.  I started on a 22.5" Weber Kettle.  Shortly thereafter, I purchased a Brinkman horizontal.  I found many shortcomings with it and, with the help of my mentor, made substantial modifications to it.  The Brinkman is an excellent performer now.

I currently have the Brinkman, 2 Weber kettles (lost the third one in a divorce...), and 3 gas grills.  And, I have the steel to make a large smoker this fall!   8)

Many moons ago I competed in the Rio Rancho, NM Pork & Brew.  My ribs and pork did very well.  I didn't turn my brisket in as directed (sliced or chopped) so it took a big drop in points for that.  My chicken was awful, and the judges agreed...   :laugh:

I am recently remarried and my wife loves the Que.  We made 3 briskets, 4 pork butts, and 2 turkeys for our reception.  This weekend I smoked 2 salmon fillets and some brats.  And, just last night she said she wants to go to a comp.  What a lucky man I am.

I look forward to getting to know many of you and learn more from the pit masters here.

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Glad to have you with us, Roy. Please post photos of your upcoming cooker in progress this fall. Everyone enjoying living vicariously through a new build!
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If you are looking to go to a comp there is a good one in Holbrook on This Friday and Saturday JUly 10  7 11.  hope to see you there.
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Thanks MJ.  We appreciate the invitation, but we have a party for one of the grandkids this Saturday. 

She stated again tonight that she'd like to go to a comp.  We'll have to make some plans to attend one sometime this fall.

It looks like AZ has a fairly good variety of competitions throughout the year.  Maybe we'll see some of you there.


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Welcome to AZ.  How Many moons did you compete in Rio Rancho.  We competed there a while back, it was a fricken wind tunnel.  It snowed on thursday, was rainy on friday and was hot by turn ins.  And Again, I have never seen wind like that and fine dust.  Well run comp, but the weather sucked.  They have moved the event to supposed better time of the year, but we have not been back. 
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Embarrassing to say, I'm not exactly sure.  I believe we competed in 2005.  The comp was held at the end of March in Rio Rancho on a sloping road, at least our site sloped a little.  It was windy.  It was cold.  It was fun. 

We were team Kid Smoke.  Of 57 teams we got 9th in ribs, 14th in pork, 32nd in brisket, and 52nd in chicken. 

The new time of year and new location are better.  Might entertain the Pork & Brew again some day.
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Welcome Roy sounds like things are looking up for you enjoy the club.
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