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Hi all! My name is Ron and I have been in Arizona now for about 3 years old. BBQ and cooking are in my blood. I have been doing both since the age of 5. It is pretty much my hobby and all that I do. I have never competed but would like too sometime soon in the future. I cook for family, friends, and strangers alike. I always get great compliments on all that I do and have even catered a few small and large events as well. I was happy to find a site where I can connect with people who have the same love and passion as I do. I look forward to meeting new people and having a great time!
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Fat Frankie

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Welcome to the site, there are a lot of great cooks on here and no one is afraid to share almost anything... One thing you will learn is what you serve to friends and family is not necessarily how you will serve in a comp.
Frank Ross
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#2 - April 24, 2014, 02:02:26 pm
Fat Frankie
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Thanks Frank! You are so true. I do change the way I do things when I cater or do something on a bigger scale versus just doing a party at home for my closest circle. I look forward to learning how things are done in competition.
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Great to have you join us, Ron. Chicago is a great BBQ town and under-represented here, especially since we have so many transplants from the Windy City. I know a guy who has a popular BBQ joint there called Bub City.
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Mark Motta
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Welcome Ron,glad to have you on the site and hope to see you at an upcoming event. :)
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