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Results - 2019 Freedom RV Comp

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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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WOW, what a weekend.

The weather was the worst we have ever had at this event on Thursday and Friday, but Comp Day Saturday was beautiful.

40 MPH winds and rain on Thursday and then a Full on Snow Blizzard on Friday.  We even had a Snowball fight on Friday morning.

But the memories we have from this year's event and all the year's past is truly special.

Thank you to Devin and all of his Freedom RV crew for once again being such a great and gracious sponsor.  WOW, Arizona's Longest Running BBQ Comp.  8th year down, already working on the 9th and 10th.  We have some great things planned.

Thank you to all of our other great Sponsors, BBQ Island, Green Mountain Grills, Shamrock Food Service Warehouse, AZBarbeque Catering and Sahuaro Trophy and Anthony Spices.  We couldn't do this event without you all and you help make it Amazing and memorable year after year.

Thank you to my Incredible Wife and our amazing BCS Staff, Mark, Debbie & Anthony Motta, Alison and Tommy, Mark & Tyler, Mike Nuttal and Tony, Cheryl Smith and our BBQ Judges for running the Comp, Judging and Scoring.  So thankful for all of you.

Last but certainly not Least, THANK YOU to all the Teams who braved this year's weather and helped make it another fun and memorable event.

Here are the Results.

Congrats to Loot 'N Booty for winning GC, his 3rd time doing so at this event.  WOW, very impressive.

Congrats to Roughstock BBQ, last year's GC for taking RGC this year.  


1Loot N' Booty BBQ
2Roughstock BBQ
3Your Behind BBQ
4Arthur Conrad
5All About Smokin Q
6Lip S-mac'n BBQ
7Bottlecap Barbeque
8Felix Q
9Bad Boyz BBQ
10BBQ Bullies
11AZ Rad Ribs
12Smoke Showin'
13Whiskey & Swine
14Biggs BBQ
15Root'N Toot'N BBQ
16Fat Frankies BBQ
17Kiss of Smoke BBQ
18Moodswing BBQ
19Wild Beaver BBQ
20Smoke N Frogs
21Pistol Hill BBQ
22DJ's Smokin' BBQ
23Fire and Desire
24Catalina BBQ Co.
25Dubb Ya Bees BBQ
26Que Loco BBQ
27Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
28Hogged Out
29Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse
30Dom's BBQ
31Pitstop Smokehouse


1Roughstock BBQ
2Your Behind BBQ
3Loot N' Booty BBQ
4AZ Rad Ribs
5Wild Beaver BBQ
6Smoke Showin'
7DJ's Smokin' BBQ
8Que Loco BBQ
9All About Smokin Q
10Biggs BBQ
11Smoke N Frogs
12Fat Frankies BBQ
13Arthur Conrad
14Bottlecap Barbeque
15Bad Boyz BBQ
16Dubb Ya Bees BBQ
17Root'N Toot'N BBQ
18BBQ Bullies
19Lip S-mac'n BBQ
20Catalina BBQ Co.
21Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
22Moodswing BBQ
23Felix Q
24Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse
25Whiskey & Swine
26Dom's BBQ
27Pistol Hill BBQ
28Hogged Out
29Kiss of Smoke BBQ
30Fire and Desire
31Pitstop Smokehouse


1Roughstock BBQ
2Bottlecap Barbeque
3Loot N' Booty BBQ
4Whiskey & Swine
5Bad Boyz BBQ
6Your Behind BBQ
7Felix Q
8Pistol Hill BBQ
9Kiss of Smoke BBQ
10Root'N Toot'N BBQ
11Moodswing BBQ
12Lip S-mac'n BBQ
13Smoke Showin'
14Fat Frankies BBQ
15BBQ Bullies
16AZ Rad Ribs
17Dubb Ya Bees BBQ
18Wild Beaver BBQ
19Biggs BBQ
20All About Smokin Q
21Fire and Desire
22Arthur Conrad
23Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
24Dom's BBQ
25Pitstop Smokehouse
26Hogged Out
27Catalina BBQ Co.
28Que Loco BBQ
29DJ's Smokin' BBQ
30Smoke N Frogs
31Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse


1Lip S-mac'n BBQ
2Wild Beaver BBQ
3Arthur Conrad
4Roughstock BBQ
5All About Smokin Q
6Root'N Toot'N BBQ
7Fire and Desire
8Whiskey & Swine
9Bottlecap Barbeque
10BBQ Bullies
11Kiss of Smoke BBQ
12Felix Q
13DJ's Smokin' BBQ
14Your Behind BBQ
15Fat Frankies BBQ
16Biggs BBQ
17Loot N' Booty BBQ
18Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse
19Bad Boyz BBQ
20Hogged Out
21Smoke N Frogs
22Que Loco BBQ
23Pistol Hill BBQ
24Moodswing BBQ
25Smoke Showin'
26Pitstop Smokehouse
27AZ Rad Ribs
28Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
29Dubb Ya Bees BBQ
30Catalina BBQ Co.
31Dom's BBQ


1Arthur Conrad
2Felix Q
3All About Smokin Q
4Loot N' Booty BBQ
5Smoke N Frogs
6Catalina BBQ Co.
7Lip S-mac'n BBQ
8Bad Boyz BBQ
9BBQ Bullies
10Moodswing BBQ
11AZ Rad Ribs
12Bottlecap Barbeque
13Biggs BBQ
14Your Behind BBQ
15Smoke Showin'
16Kiss of Smoke BBQ
17Pistol Hill BBQ
18Whiskey & Swine
19Fire and Desire
20Pitstop Smokehouse
21Roughstock BBQ
22Fat Frankies BBQ
23Root'N Toot'N BBQ
24Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
25Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse
26Dom's BBQ
27Hogged Out
28DJ's Smokin' BBQ
29Dubb Ya Bees BBQ
30Que Loco BBQ
31Wild Beaver BBQ
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