Looking into getting my first Dutch Oven

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So I was thinking about getting a Dutch Oven and was wondering if the one below would make a good one? The DO doesn't have legs, so I was wondering if I can still put it in the coals when I go camping and get an even cook?

I was attracted to this style because the lid can be used as a skillet, which would be nice to use in my bubba keg. Plus being single, I think 5 quarts would be plenty big.


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  • Karma: 1 want legs for cooking on coals.  You can buy a lid holder that can be used to hold an oven like that one over coals but it is not as sturdy as an oven with legs.

But hey it will work, just might take a little red necking.
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Mike boils his ribs....pass it on.


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If it was me I'd go for the combo cooker (just for the handles):

I have a 12 inch version that I use all the time in the kitchen. Makes great crusty bread without needing a pizza stone.

As for using it with coals I'd add a lid stand to the order. ( )

The only problem with using coals that I can see is that you might have your hands awfully close to the top coals. The camp ovens have a lip and use lid lifters to avoid that.
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