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Going to get a new stove soon. I have a question about glass top stoves. Is it safe to cook with cast iron on them? Will the cast iron skillets scratch the glass? Will the get to hot for the glass?

Have any of you used cast iron on a glass to stove and did you have any problems?
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Good question and one I've wondered about so I did a google search "cast iron cooking on a glass top stove". Will the skillet scratch the glass?? -- sure it will if you drag it across the glass so make sure the bottom of the skillet is smooth with no burrs and place the skillet on the stove BEFORE turning on the burner. Will the skillet get to hot for the glass?? -- maybe but if you set the stove no higher than medium and shut off the burner just before the product is done and let residual heat continue the cook you should be OK. 

All that being said, you should conduct the same google search I did and decide for yourself. Also, conduct the test to see if it works when your wife isn't home so you'll have time to make up a story as to why you ruined her glass top stove!!!  
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We use cast iron skillets on our glass top stove all the time. You will find that your stove manufacturer will not approve or state in their material any suggestion to do so as if you were to drop one on the top and break it, they would have someone sue them for replacement. Kinda like the McDonals/hot coffee thing. Of course we don't slide it around like we're making Jiffy-Pop, but use a fair degree of caution. Do I have some scratches on mine? Yes, some, but my house looks lived in-not a model home where everything looks new and never used. We've been here going on 11 years and use a 10", 12" and a 14" skillet for everything. Just mu .02 on the matter.
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