Pac-12 Football: Coaching Staff Power Rankings

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Could stats get any more stupid? Really. Power Ranking a coaching staff?  Do they make them run a 40? How do you rank brand new coaches?  Or coaches stacked w previous coaches recruiting mistakes?
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That is really stupid.  Consider this quote "the Pac-12's coaches are the constants that keep this conference afloat."

Let's see, UA, ASU, and UCLA have second year coaches, Washington has a brand new coach, USC's coach came from Washington.  I'm sure I must be missing a couple more that have been in their current job 3 years or less.  And what about assistant coaches?  I would say that "the PAC-12's coaches are anything but constants".
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all time series records with asu (as of 12/1/2012)

football: 47-38-1 arizona
basketball: 142-80 arizona
baseball: 237-203-1 arizona


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