Half Chicken smoking tips?

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I've got a couple of chickens to Q this weekend, any tips? I've done small pieces, but i'm going to cut the whole bird in half (never done it before).  Any suggestions on not getting it to dry out? Maybe tips on getting the skin nice? Not looking for anyones secrets, just some advice. I'm planning on running them in the UDS, w/ a diffuser, injecting the bird and maybe a little marinade for few hours first. Thx!
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Butterfly it, essentiall cut the backbone out of it, and press it flat.  Here's some stuff I've just learned, soak it in italian dressing for a couple of hours, apply your rub as your putting in the UDS.  The soak should help for the moisture, don't go more then 2-4 hours on the soak, smoke it for about 45-60 minutes per pound until you get the desired temp you're looking for.
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I'm a big fan of brining birds not previously enhanced. I'll give 'em overnight in a sugar/salt/water solution. Youtube has many videos regarding 'spatchcocking' or butterfly cutting a chicken--or turkey! I cook turkeys at around 325, chicken at around 275-300. They don't need hours and hours at 225 to soften up. They'll be in there one and a half hrs anyway--long enough for smoke flavor, IMHO. Cook 'em to about 165.
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I'm with Kitch! I like to brine them in an orange garlic brine overnight and baste with a orange honey sauce throughout. 2 nights for a 12# turkey. Only problem with this is the skin goes like shoe leather if cooked below 300deg.
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