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Thanks for the info for the web site, i had the same idea for my fire box. The smoker he talks about is the next size down from mine i bought the 1200 sq in one. I was able to cook 2 pork loins 2 chickens rack of ribs and 12 pieces of corn and still had room, will put the pics up this weekend thanks for the info
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Drums can be cheap! I plan on using my current weber cooking grate until I buy an dedicated one, so all I'll need is the pipe chunks, the ball valve and a step drill. And a drum...I can buy an empty stainless one for about $400...
It's a struggle for me, but it seems that less wood is better. Several half-fist sized pieces seems to be better than a log-ette, frinstance. I tried mixing about 6-7 of them in a batch of cold charcoal upon which I dumped a lit half chimney on. I could've used a few more pieces, maybe. Pretty good, though. DW liked it, and she seems to not like the smoky flavor. She doesn't like my car or LedZep, either.

I got a drum smoker for my trade I ever made...
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I started out on (and wore out many) an ECB before I got a WSM. Charcaol and wood chunks worked best for me on them. About three years ago I came across a deal on a real Bandera that I couldn't pass up. Wood worked better on it but I had trouble getting it up to temp and keeping it there even with several mods. So I sold it to a fellow Q'er. He loves it and smokes some great stuff on it. I think I was afraid of too much wood after all those years of the ECB.
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BBQ Grillware vertical gas smoker
WSM with mods
Pro Q Excell 20


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Buy as many smokers as you can......
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I have a stick burner and all I use is pecan.  The only time I get Creosote is when I would get the temp rising to fast and I would panic and try killing the oxygen off to kill the heat..  Because of this I learned to make small changes to the vents, giving the cooker a few minutes to adjust to the changes you made. The more familiar you get with your cooker, the better you will get at controlling the fire.
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practice makes it familiar.....
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Huge Fan of Mike (AZBarbeque)... He's My Hero..


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