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How long are you guys giving your pork butts on your BGE's?  Every time I've done a ~10 lb pork butt on my BGE it has taken about 22 hours or so at about 250.  My friends who use stick burners always finish up around 16 hours or shorter.  I typically pull them off around 195 to 200 degrees.  I usually rub them the night before and pull them from the fridge and put them directly onto the BGE. 

My setup is a large BGE with an adjustable rig and drip pan as see on the following link.  I usually put the butt on the grid at the top and the drip pan directly on the lowest level of the adjustable rig.

Just curious if its a BGE thing or just something I'm doing differently. 
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 Hmm. I'm surprised it takes that long. Especially if you consider the thick walls that reflect the heat in a roasting fashion. My ceramic cookers are Kamados, and shoulder and butts take 8 to 12 hours at around 250.
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That seems to be a touch long for a 10 lb piece.

1.5 hour per lb is my time!

If I pull, I usually do it at 205F ish

195F I can wrap, but I prefer not to in competition leaving a great quality bark.

If you are looking you're not cooking :D :D :D stop staring at it and close the lid ;) ;)

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Nope, not opening the lid.  I have a temp probe in the meat that tells me everything I need to know.  Maybe my BGE thermometer is grossly inaccurate?

I'll have to play with that. 

The long cooking process turns out a fantastic lump of meat. 
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I would definitely check your BGE's temp gauge
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Way too long at 250.  Look for gasket leaks.  Recalibrate your thermometer.  Hope it works.
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Look at getting a remote Maverick or something like that so you can measure meat temp and grill temp at the meat level.  Sometimes the dome heat is much less.

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