Who's got the best BBQ/smoked brisket recipe???

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I have one in the fridge and want to use it up this weekend!  Thought I would try the Professionals out there...

Thanks y'all.
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Ask Mike for his boiled ribs recipe....... as for so many ways...... sometimes the best is the easiest...... apply your favorite rub...... grab your Jack...... and smoke for about 10-12 hours...... depending on the size of the brisket and drink heavily....... some wrap in aluminum foil at 170 degrees and let it set in a box for a few hours until 185 to slice...... that's just one way......
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You probably aren't going to get anyone to give up their secrets. I'd would just spend some time going thru passed posts on here and piece together a recipe from all those posts that you think you might like. Everyone has their own way of doing a brisket. BBQ is subjective! What I like you may not, and vice versa. The previous post pretty much gave you the basics. Just adapt from there, that's the fun of BBQ. Enjoy your brisket and have fun. Some people like to inject it with apple juice, cider
vinegar, or a combination of the two.
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some inject with Dr Pepper. I think Johnny injects his with red koolaide.  :laugh: :laugh:
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I've got a great recipe for turning brisket into shoe leather. :'( My chicken, butt and ribs are awesome but even a remotely edible brisket eludes me.
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Not handing out recipe, but I'll give do a basic 101. Apply favorite rub, many use wooster for thew rub to stick to. cook at 210-225ish. foil at 160-165. Pull off at 190-195, rest in dry cooler for 1-2 hours. Fat cap up or down or turning is even split.
That's about the answer you'll get on any forum.
 Some inject, others don't. Just play with it using those basic guidelines and you'll put out good brisket as long as there's no pine wood, shrimp paste injections, truffle oil rubbed, or anything else that just doesn't belong.
 Vinegars, apple juice and such you may want to leave for the pork.
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i want to know when u guys use kool aide is it dry rub form or injection  ::)
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Ron, you need to ask Johnny that one. ;)
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UDS (love it most)
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johnny told me u taught him now i am so confused jeezzz :'( :'( :'(
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I would say koolaid is cood to drink with anything :P :P :P
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Here's a link you might find interesting;

If nothing else, it's entertainment.
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This thread is a few months old......but that link is hilarious. Cuts like butter.....full of moisture? He's killing me! How did he screw it up that bad....being a "pit master" and all?
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So I'm cooking for a big 4th of July party this weekend and I thought I'd run my brisket plan by you guys because its my first brisket.  This will be cooked along with 2 pork butts in my large BGE. 

I'm getting a 15 to 20 lb packer brisket from a butcher in Green Valley and I'll probably have him trim off all but a 1/4 to 1/8th inch of the fat off the top. 

Then I'll inject with a mixture of cider vinegar, worcesterchire, beef broth, and melted butter then let it marinate overnight.

Shortly before putting it on the smoker, I'll slather with mustard and rub with my beef rub. 

I think I'll put it on the smoker 20 hours before serving time because I can always keep it warm in a cooler with the 20 lbs of pork butt I'm doing at the same time.  Any hints on how long I should expect it to take?  I plan on foiling around 160 and pulling it off around 195 or 200. 
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For what it's worth, some of Texas' most revered BBQ joints don't put anything more than s&p+smoke on their briskets. Brisket is like a sponge and can easily be oversmoked. Out of the four competition meats, brisket is the best example of where less is more. 8)
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