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Hello everyone ,I am new to the forum...Its great by the way!!! The gentlemen that helped me with the Traeger pellets told me about smoking a brisket with plastic wrap on?  Is this true?  Said something about keeping it obviously around 180 -200 degrees or something - I have been intrigued ever since...someone out there know what he was talking about?  IF this wasnt the case, what is the BEST way to smoke a brisket?  Help appreciated.
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  • Karma: 19's true.  You'll want to wrap it in foil after you wrap in plastic if you decide to go that route.

By the way, welcome!
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Huh? Howza smoke get thru plastic?
Glad you joined the forum! More input...
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Welcome to the site, great to have you.

What type of smoker are you using??
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Hey Mike Im thinking a pellet pooper, the wrapping doesnt take place till the brisket reaches 170 internal. it is for making it into a steamer help in tenderizing. Never tried it myself but have seen it done.
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I am using a Traeger Lil'Tex.  If someone could enlighten me on the whole procedure, that would be fantastic!!

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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WEV'E Tried the SARAN wrap then foil in the past when the meat is ready to foil and it works well as far as juicyness is concerned, but it does affect the bark to a certain extent! Also KITCH, i use to do fire and flood reconstruction work and i was amazed at the places smoke will penetrate even when something is in a "airtight container" - i've seen items in a closed mason jar that we're smoke damaged quite a few times! Also my cuban pig roasting box gives the pig a faint hint of smoke even though the fire is on top of the box and the top grate is very tight!
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