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Growing up my dad always bought Beef Ribs.  Mostly because they were super cheap.  Plus I loved them.  He used to steam them and then throw them on the grill with BBQ sauce.  They were still pretty tough even though he steamed them but I just couldn't get enough.

So I saw some in the store for a decent price and decided to try them on the smoker.  First I removed the membrane from the back of the ribs.  Then I threw on a very basic rub and smoked them using hickory chunks at 275 till they reached 190 degrees.  Threw on some home made BBQ sauce during the last 30 minutes.  Turned out awesome.  Had that wonderful Beef flavor with a hint of hickory.  Much more tender than my dads old ribs.

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Good job, they look awsome.
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Looks good to me
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Does anyone know where to get GOOD beef ribs in Phoenix ?
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I know what you're saying. It's hard to find any that haven't been stripped to the bone. I did see some at the Mekong Supermarket that looked good. (Dobson & Main Street in Mesa) They were the uncut, meaty ribs as they appear before running through a bandsaw to make Korean bulgogi. I think they were like $2.49/lb.
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