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As more people are taking the plunge and building the UDS I highly recommend reading the UDS bible on that other web site. The info you will get there is invaluable. Our team started out with 3 barrels and we are finding that we may go back to using one for comps. We use them at home for practice and larger cooks also. After you have one you will wish you did things differant so I highly recommend you get all the info before you start. I was asked about our fire basket so I have attached a picture.

Hope this helps
#1 - March 18, 2009, 06:15:07 am
Mark Smith
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Mark -- with the help from Jay we made the basket in the "Raffle" UDS 17", he said it would give it the option of a little or a lot of charcoal.
We rolled it like you did but no top band -- nice looking job
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Nice basket...Now, do you have a drip pan in the bottom of your UDS or just the bottom of the barrel?

#3 - March 18, 2009, 06:35:38 pm
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