Smoked Pecan Butter Turkey

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48 hour sweet and spicy brine soak followed by 24 hours in the refrigerator. The turkey is wrapped with a creamy butter, rosemary and thyme soaked cheese cloth and kept moist with the butter baste every 45 minutes. The 14lb bird is loosely stuffed with onion, apple, lemon and orange slices and smoked over pecan wood for 4 hours at 300F +-. Its on a raised rack in a turkey pan being steamed by apple juice, broth, Captain Morgans spiced rum, drippings and a spice mixture.

Birds at 132F internal now and a drum rack temp of 325F.

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Very cool. Hope to see some finished pics!
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2 UDS's-Stoked
2 WSM's-Stoked
BWS Party-Stoked
22.5 Kettle to burn burgers and steaks.

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nice  8)
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Sorry for the delay, had to eat me some grub! Came out moist and favorable, my best to date. Thanks for the look!
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