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I'd like to recommend a new topic for building and modifying. I received an invite from Kid Curry-I hope you remember!-to get together to build a UDS/BDS/WDS (wonderful drum...) later this year--nicer weather!--and I've been thinking about it seriously; like every time I dump more charcoal into my SnP. It'll take about 10# of RO lump to get me thru a rack of ribs. The last couple times I tried smoking something that really takes long; ie brisket or butt; lawzy, that'd take 3 bags or more!! Plus, Jay is my hero, and if I wanna get to 20+ units, I'll have to--yeah, right. That'll never happen. DW would start barking if I want to get to 3. But I still have to start somewhere!
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I'm more than willing to discuss my lessons and cooking experiences on the UDS I recently built.  But I have to recommend you read this, if you have not, from start to finish.

It has more creative ideas and versions of the drum than you can imagine.  I built mine as the basic model with the tutorial here:

I did not weld the intake with the caps, instead I used / use rubber magnets as the air flow does have to be regulated, its not quite as "set and forget" as I thought.

However, it certainly saves charcoal and other than minor adjustments it does hold temperature very, very well.  Like any new pit, cooking has been a learning experience all over again as it does seem to cook faster and IMHO, you must rotate / flip the meat a bit more often as it does sit over direct heat.  For years, in my offset, brisket has stayed fat side up with no issues. I've found that after the initial few hours, I need to flip my briskets now, same with the pork butts I've tried.

I currently only use the flat top on mine.  I did find and purchase a weber kettle on craigs list but the donor lid is not an exact fit and it does affect the ability to hold temperature.

I'll post some pictures here later, they are on my work computer.    Good luck with your project!

Also, I'm in my UDS for about $200.00 if you include the donor Weber Kettle. I took the lazy mans approach.

Purchased a brand new drum here:

Roughly $80 something

And had Jans Iron works weld my fire basket and T handle

Roughly $70 something.

Initial weber replacement grate was purchased brand new for $20 something at home depot. Purchased a step drill bit and a "flame thrower" to light the charcoal at Northern Freight.

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Did you have to burn out the drum you got from Sunwest?  or was it already unlined?
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Did you have to burn out the drum you got from Sunwest?  or was it already unlined?

Unlined, which is why I said I took the lazy man's way out. ;)

Because burning is not all that is required, you then have to get inside the barrel with a wire brush to get the lining all the way out.  Well, you don't have to, but who knows what that lining really is.
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