Kit Available To Make Drum Smoker - $130

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You supply your own 55-Gal drum, and the $130 Kit Includes:

Bottle opener
Top vent
Vent Slide Mount
Vent Slide Door
Grill Cooking Grate
Lid Hook
Lid Handle with wood grips
Drum Handle with wood grips
Shield assembly
Nest Hook
Nest Assembly
Mounting Hardware for all parts
Full assembly instructions

Check it out here:
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Mike P in Tucson

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I got an email from Big Poppa's about that.  It is an easy and fairly inexpensive way for someone to get a really good smoker.

I wonder what the bottle opener is for?  I guess they figure you're gonna need a beer while you assemble it.
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The negative is there is no ash pan. After each smoke youll need to clean the ashes out somehow. Shop vac, mini broom and dust pan or? Besides that its a decent kit I bought one for a build I did.
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I used the cut out from the top of the drum to make an ash pan for mine. Formed a lip around it with a hammer and drift then secured it 2' or so below the charcoal basket with bolts and spacers. Works great.
#4 - December 12, 2012, 02:59:37 pm
BBQ Grillware vertical gas smoker
WSM with mods
Pro Q Excell 20


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