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Step 1 done. Finally after looking for months, I found a local seller for drums. And not 1, but 2 places.  :) ;D Now I am excited. Just have to gather the cash and I am going to go big. For my first build I am looking at doing 2 or even 3 drums at the same time.  :D Ok, not big, but jumping in with both feet anyway. I decided on making some UDS while I wait to be able to afford my Lang 48 patio I want. I need to be able to cook more than what my little New Braunfels can do at one time, and after seeing all the success stories here and through-out every BBQ forum, figure this was the best way to go.  I'll post more as I get each step done. Don't expect daily posts, but I'll do what I can when I can. Keep on Q'in.  ;D :) :D
#1 - August 28, 2012, 12:42:53 pm
Perfect Q = Tender succulent meat with a savory rub, cooked low/slow with aromatic wood. Sauce is just another condiment.

Weber Smokey Joe, 2 Weber Silver Kettles, Brinkman Smoke 'N Grill w/mods, New Braunfels Silver Smoker w/mods, Beginning my first UDS build.


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