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Well, I did some ribs a couple weeks ago.  Placed the original diffuser about 10" above the charcoal basket.
The drum intake regulation wasn't affected and the drum got up to temp as usual.
I placed the digital probe at the center of the drum, about 10" above the diffuser and directly below
the grate with the meat.

Early into the cook, I still had the 30 degree difference between the digital thermo and the two analogs I have on the
outside of the drum. After about 1 1/2 hours, the difference was 15 degrees.  Not really sure if the diffuser
had anything to do with it though, I think a lot of drum stabilize over time throughout a cook.

Anyway,I feel the center was still too hot so I have modified the diffuser.  One less concentric circle and
narrowed down the next rings except for the outside ring.  Plus it's now made out of 12 gauge steel.

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I like it.  Keep us posted.
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Mike boils his ribs....pass it on.


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OH yeah that looks like great idea.  Keep us informed, I have been thinking of some type of similar thing but was going ceramic, this would be easier..

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Keep us posted....Looks interesting. Don't forget the pic's
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I've used foil on racks with water trays in attempt to minimize the direct heat that most UDS smokers experience during a smoke,
especially those with larger fires and fire basket.

Anyway, I thought I'd work on a diffuser design that would prevent the flare up from getting close to the food, provide a water tray area
and evenly distribute the heat throughout the drum.

Going to give it a try next weekend on some ribs...

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