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I sold my joint in Wikieup about two years ago. The guy who bought it spent a year changing a few things,  like putting in a bar,  big screen TV's, a really nice Bose sound system and adding a back patio.
The kitchen remains the same, and the place still has the big J&R Oyler.

Unfortunately the guy had no clue as to how to operate a restaurant, let alone finances, and was broke by the time he opened the doors.
He crashed and burnt it inside of 30 days, and it has been shut for months now, and he has no idea what to do.

This might be a great opportunity for a Mom and pop adventure, or someone who has a clue. I know he'd sell, and I'm certain he'd lease, although I haven't a clue what he might ask per month.
There might still be upward of 40+ seats, and the place has a two bedroom single wide behind it for living quarters.

This is not for those faint of heart. Opening and running a restaurant is EXPENSIVE! Especially a meat based joint. It doesn't need to remain a BBQ,  though that's pretty much what people would expect. And the signage still reflects that.

A person would need to have business skills, as well as restaurant experience of some kind.
There are few employable people in this town, so one would have to rely upon themselves, or bring in outside help.

The brightest aspect of this place is its location right on the main hwy between PHX and Vegas. Thousands of cars pass by the front door every day.

If anyone is serious about this prospect, I would be happy to discuss it, and set up communication with the current owner. I would also be willing to spend some time with a leasee doing a little training, and providing a wealth of knowledge.

You can PM me with questions, or better yet, send an email to



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Anything worth shooting worth shooting a bunch of times.


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