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I MADE IT! I was travelling back from Iowa last week--yup, bad time to go! I was angling to head straight though the center of KC, but my navigating kept getting short circuited by phone calls, so we wound up going around on the inner loop west. The end of that is right at Oklahoma Joe's--and as a bonus, the Kansas City BBQ Store shares the parking lot.
I got the 3 ribs/brisket plate for $13.50. The ribs were perfectly done--easy bite, clean bone, great flavor and plenty of meat. The brisket was deli sliced, which threw me off, but it was wonderfully moist with great smoke flavor--even a bit toward heavy.
I got all fan-boy over being able to stick my nose into Kansas City Barbecue Store, even if I didn't have any money to spend. I got to go worship at a 26 inch Weber. I didn't even have time to browse all the rubs and sauces. But there's always the internet for that.
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Sounds like a great time, Kitch!  ;D I know a lot of people consider OK Joe's to be BBQ's top spot. I went to the holy grail of Arthur Bryant's once and walked away underwhelmed. :(
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