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I drive laps around Mesa every day, and I wonder about a few restaurants I see. Jalapeno Bucks, Rocking R Ranch, Allison's, Waldo's. I've met the Texans at Allison's, but I've only tasted a nibble of their brisket. I've eaten at a remote Waldo's...meh.
Anyone know anything about these places?
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You have accurately defined Waldos as "Meh". I liken it to boiled meat from a hospital cafeteria.

I have eaten at Allisons many times, as it is near my work. Good guys, good BBQ, side dishes and desserts. I'm a brisket and rib fan above all, and rate these items as a solid second tier level in the Valley, behind such places as LMBBQ, Naked and Danky. Far above all of the other longstanding pseudo-BBQ places that up until a few years ago were passed off as BBQ in these parts! As such, I'm surprised Allisons hasn't garnered a little more respect. Summary: Very good, but not quite great BBQ.
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