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Has anybody eaten there lately? It's not far from me so I stopped by last night for another try. They've been hit and miss the few times I've been. I got a pound of rib tips and a pound of pork. The prices were close to reasonable and the tips were pretty tasty. The pork on the other hand was pretty dry and tough. Like I said hit and miss. Anybody else been there? I definitely recommend going to check it out, you might end up there on a night when things are spot on. I'm interested in hearing your take on it.

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I was just there last week.  I was gonna post something but I wanted to give it another try first.  I had the pork sandwhich for lunch.  I thought it was all right.  I had the slaw on the side, 50 cents cheaper then getting it allready on the sandwhich with no side.  I liked their sauce but not so much with the pork.  It seems like it'll go great with beef, which is why I wanted to try the beef before posting.  I'll go again.  I do like that they have special sides depending ion the day of the week you go.  I wanted to talk to him about AZ BBQ but then a well known customer came in and I didn't have the chance.
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