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Today (May 3. 2012) is their grand opening!  I went there for lunch today and had a good sampling of different item's.  Their carnitas were wonderful.  I thought they had a lot of good flavor.  Their sausage was really good to.  Their TriTip was good, but I think it could have used a lot more dry rub to add to the flavor.  I tried their baby back ribs, thought they were a little small, but they were all pork :-)  little to no fat in them and they had good flavor.  The beans were good (the jalapeno beans leave a lot more kick).  Good jalapeno corn bread as well.  I WILL be going back soon.  I want to try their BEEF Ribs, turkey, and chicken and some more of their sides. They have a large menu, so there is something there for everyone on it.

Home run for me was on the way out of the restaurant...they have a small table setup with wooden tokens.  You take one token and put it into one of three bowls.  Each bowl represents a different charity.  They take a percentage from the meal that you just bought and donate it to the charity.  What a great idea.  Not only are you getting some good BBQ, but you are also giving back and helping a charity out.  This is something they do at their NM restaurants and they brought it to AZ.
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