Pitmaker Trailer with BBQ Vault & BBQ Safe ++++++++++ For Sale

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- Dimensions: Length - 15' Long Overall
- Dimensions: Width - 69" Fender to Fender (49" Wide Frame between fenders.)
- 3500 lbs Axle with 15" Wheels 
- Custom Reinforced Trailer made with 3" x 2" x 3/16" Thick Steel Tubing, heavily reinforced with secondary rail and corner braces.
- "Bull Dog" Style Hitch
- Two Stainless Steel Food Preparation Tables with Lockable Dry Storage Box underneath 
- One stainless steel food preparation table with lockable vented generator box underneath
- LED Taillights w/ fully enclosed wiring and reinforced solid steel tube taillight bracket 
- Alloy and custom finish wheels
- Electrical Conduit on Frame with 3 All-weather outlets
- remote controlled LED lights underneath for a night time light show
- Stainless steel cylinder for propane tank
- lots of additional room for storage of cambros and other bbq supplies.
The most durable vertical, insulated BBQ Smoker ever made--The BBQ Vault! And we can prove it! We also challenge anyone to compare the construction and thickness of steel to any other vertical insulated smoker on the market. This is also one of the most efficient barbecue smokers ever made. Click on photos above for larger view.

Think of how much time and effort you spend trying to maintain temperature on a BBQ Pit that leaks smoke. Every time you see smoke leaking out of your cooking chamber, that's just work and minutes floating away in the wind. Nowadays, the consumer has to do his/her research to find the superior product. With so many choices out there, it is not just about the name brand anymore. Do the research, and you will see. Pitmaker has the most durable and efficient designs on the market.

Aren't you tired of smoking yourself and not the meat? Pitmaker's high temperature gasket is 7/8" on the firebox and the cooking chamber doors seals in the smoke and keeps it where it's supposed to be. When the doors are shut, the smoke only comes out where it's designed to--the smoke stack. That makes this the perfect smoker where you don't want a lot of smoke, but want the world-class flavor of BBQ Smoking. Lock in the Flavor! (TM) and your smoke and temperature - with the BBQ Vault and BBQ Safe!

With how we install the high-tech, ceramic wool insulation on all six sides of the smoker, maintaining temperature has never been easier in the rain or cold weather. Also, the body is double-walled inside and out, 1/8" thick virgin steel, fully welded and seamless for extra durability and strength. No weak sheet metal screws or rivets here! Pitmaker also built in a stainless steel liquid reservoir for adding moist heat and flavor with a heavy duty ball valve for draining and cleaning. Also included is a slide out fire grate for convenience and easy firebox cleanup.

A wonderful side effect of our insulated, seamless construction technique, is that the pit does not get too hot to touch when using it. This means we don't have to use our high-heat black BBQ paint! We are able to epoxy primer the BBQ Vault and paint it with auto enamel


- Outside Standard Dimensions: 54" H x 32" W (37" w/Handles) x 28.5" D 
- Has 5 - 25" W x 22" D Slide-Out Cooking Grates with 5" of vertical clearance above each Cooking Grate.
-This gives the BBQ Vault Smoker a massive total of 2750 sq. inches of cooking space!
- Heavy Duty Slide-Out Firegrate.
- Slide-Out Cooking Grates
- Stainless Steel Smoke Stack w/ Damper
- 1-1/4" Heavy Duty Ball Valve Drain for easy clean out of Water Reservoir/Drip Pan.
- 2" Ball Valve Drain for Air Intake Damper for Precision Oxygen Control
- Stainless Steel Latch Clamps on Both Cooking Chamber and Firebox Doors.
- Stainless Steel Smoke Stack, Smoke Stack Damper/Cap, and Hinges/Hinge Sleeves

-Has 4 - 15" W x 20.5" D, Slide-Out Cooking Grates with 4.5" of vertical clearance above each Cooking Grate.
-This gives the BBQ Safe Smoker a total of: 1230 sq. inches of cooking grate space!
- Stainless Steel Slam-Latch Style Handles
- Stainless Steel Smoke Stack and Smoke Stack Damper
- 1-1/4" Heavy Duty Ball Valve Drain for easy clean out of Water Reservoir/Drip Pan.
- 2" Ball Valve Drain for Air Intake Damper for Precision Oxygen Control.

This is an amazing trailer with two amazing smokers. We have won several grand championships, reserve grand championships and numerous top five calls using this trailerand smokers. It is the perfect outfit for competitions, catering, doing events or just cooking for family and friends. It puts out amazing bbq.

See our posting on craigslist for pictures:

If you are interested please email, call, or text me at show contact info Thank you, Mel
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