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Hey all,  I am upgrading my smoker, so I have 2 UDS I am parting with. Good condition, One has 2 racks, the other is standard. Its the ones I have used in comps if any of you have seen them. Grommet holes for probe cables and standard ball valve, conduit pipe vents. 22 1/2" racks, and covers included.
Picture is shot of when they were new, Do not have lid ring any longer.
$80.00 each. In Tucson area, but will deliver to Chandler area when I pick up my new smoker next week. If interested send me  PM
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Congrats Tracey on the new Backwoods Party.  You are going to love it.
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Thanks for everything Tom! Congrats on your GC.....awesome! Hope you borrowed backwoods smokers!   :-\
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Very interested in the one with 2 racks
#4 - November 25, 2011, 06:16:03 pm
Vegetarian-an old indian word for bad hunter



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