Duck on the Smoker?

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Hi all:
I did my first BBQ Duck tonight on a gas grill using a beer can stand.  No beer, I used Coke with some liquid smoke added to about half a can.  It was about a 4lb Duck.  I thawed it out, scored the skin well with several pokes of a sharp knife.  Seasoned with some Sea Salt, Pepper, and Sage.  Added some baby red potatoes in the bottom of the pan, placed the Duck with coke and can stand in the center of the pan.  Oh yeah, also added some hickory smoke chips in a metal box and cooked it all for about an hour and a half.  Towards the end I added some yellow squash spears seasoned with olive oil and salt and pepper to the grill.  It all turned out perfectly with no basting.  I did rotate the pan with the duck a couple of times but other than that it was all about enjoying a Scotch, cigar and good company.  Added the Orange glaze just before serving and it was awesome. 

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Sounds great CHRIS !!
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I heard a nice duck recipe in which you cook the duck on a 2X4, and at the end of the recipe you throw away the duck and eat the 2X4. :D

 Are they really that greasy?

I have not done a duck on my Traeger oven yet, but I have done them in the gas oven inside the house.  No, they are not greasy at all.  They are sort of like all dark meat turkey, and very flavorful.  The key is to puncture the  skin and roast on a rack up out of the drippings, and breast side up.  I've just got to figure out how that translates to the pellet oven and slower roasting.
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