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Never attempted this before, but thinking of trying it this weekend. Also considering using top round (aka London broil) instead of flank steak. Any recipes/tips/ideas welcome.
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Matambre means "to kill hunger." It is a popular dish in Argentina and is kinda like an adult version of a fattie. Beef steak is rolled around a filling of spinach, cheese, olives, peppers and whole hard-boiled eggs and the whole thing is trussed up. Usually it is braised in a tomato sauce, but no law says you couldn't cook it in a smoker. When sliced, it makes for an attractive cross-section presentation. :P
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Mark Motta
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Thanks, i am familiar with the basics of the Matambre, just have never tried to make one before. I first read about it one of Steven Raichlen's books. I was thinking of smoking it after searing the outside and also giving the fillings a more southwestern flavor with some roasted green chiles, sun dried tomatoes and caramelized onions instead of the hard boiled eggs etc. One of my weaknesses is a compulsion to modify recipes without even trying them straight once.
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Sounds good to me...go for it! No one here will fault you for rolling your own way!
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