A viable use for lime salt-grilled corn

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 Our neighborhood, convenience store clerk is always giving us stuff. As she rings us up, she keeps handing us lighters, candies, etc. On occasion she gives us lime salt, and I sure don't use it in my beer. Well we have had it sitting in the cupboard not going to any use. The other week at the grocery store, they had corn on sale for $.12 each, so I picked up a few. I decided I had to grill it and was thinking of making a chile butter or something and a light went off. I grabbed the lime salt and mixed it with cayenne, chile powder, garlic and onion powder and a lil cumin and used that as a rub on the corn. I rubbed the corn with a little light olive oil and then sprinkled on the rub. Direct grilled for about 5 minutes, just long enough to get some carmalization working. Long story short, I didn't use any butter on the corn, because it didn't need it. This is a must try.
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David "Bear" Nunley


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Sounds tasty, Bear! Your mixture is much like the sour chile salts available at Mexican markets, right by checkout. They are usually used to sprinkle on cantaloupe and watermelon. I think I'll pick some up and try it on chicken or fish, as well as corn. :P
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Mark Motta
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Gotta give a try!!
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I have some of that as well sitting in the spice cabinet, I will have to give it a try..

Great recipe suggestion once again Bear...
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There are some nieghborhoods around me that I frequent to get corn with the chili spice sprinkled on it.
I've made my own version of what I think they coat it with then sprinkle on it, and its pretty close to what you have goin on,
Try putting a thin layer of mayo on the corn then sprinkle parmesian cheese and your dry seasoning on it.
I will be making some now thanks to this post :P
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