Testing Brisket Again

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We cooked at 18# brisket last night and it was really moist but the crust was really hard. We haven't experienced this before. It was a prime brisket by Swift from Costco.
We changed a couple of things on this cook.
1. Used all fruit wood.
2. Spritzed it with a little crown royal twice.
3. Cooked it in 10.5 hours oppose to our regular 16 hour cook.

Thoughts as to why the bark was so hard?
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I assume you cooked it hotter to have cook it faster? That may account for the harder surface. It looks good! A lot of cooks wrap theirs in butcher paper or foil for the last few hours to maintain moisture.
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Mark Motta
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Yes. We wanted to try a shorter cooking time. It was wrapped in peach paper so like I said we never have had a crust like this before.
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