My first Buck Board Bacon

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I tried my first BBB last week and I think it came out real well for the first time. I want to thank ChefRob for all the advice and help he gave me.

I started out with a 8 1/2 lb pork butt I deboned and butterflied it. After appling the Hi-mountain cure and sealing in seal-a-meal it was into the frig for 10 days. After rinsing it was into the ice water for 3 hours then back into the frig to form the pellacel. After that it was into the smoker at 100 deg for the first 4 hours then 120 for the next 4 hours and then I took it up to 135 for the last 2 hours. That gave me a internal temp of 121 deg.

I used my A-maze-n smoker. I was very impressed the amount of smoke was great. For the first half of the smoke I used the pellets which produced lots of smoke and a long burn time. For the second half I used small wood chips that gave me half of the burn time and much less smoke. So for me from now on it will be pellets and the AMNS for all my cold smoking.

After pulling the meat out of the smoker it was back into the bags and into the frig overnight to be sliced on Thursday. I ended up with around 7 1/4 lbs the best bacon I have had in a long time. I will be doing some more real soon. 
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very nice and glad to see it came out yer hooked!
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Congrats...cannot wait to smoke mine. 8)
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Smokin' Again
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I will post some pics as soon as I can get my granddaughter to come over and show me how.
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