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Bill Poole

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sorta stealing a trick from the TV show, where they cook the chicken in a muffin tin, I found these little foil pans.

rubbed 3 boneless chicken breasts with stuff found in the kitchen (mild to my taste, too spicy for the wife, as usual) put a drop of butter in the bottom of each pan and on top of each chicken.

put a pan of water & apple juice over the flame and cooked for hours with indirect heat. wood chips in foil by the flames. Later in the cooking, I warmed up the BBQ sauce and a leftover piece of texas toast on the unused part of the grill

basted with some apple juice during the cook

when the thermometer beeped, they were cooked and very moist, but kinda mild. some spicy sauce leftover from Shane's cured that.

Oh, I put a little grated cheese and garlic salt on the fries (but did not cook them on the grill).

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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Nice Recap. Looks great...
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