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I finally did 2 cooks this week. I took Thursday off and smoked my Safeway butts. I brined 'em in Gala apple cider/salt brine first. Pretty good! Took the big one to 206, the little one to 203--and there was a significant difference in the texture/tenderness. I rubbed one with Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust, the other with Plowboys Yardbird. Already shredded, and I still haven't gotten pics. I'll post a shot of the next sandwich I make...
Last night I cooked a 13# Sam's brisket. I usually avoid the briskets at Sam's; it seems like RD briskets are trimmed more closely. However, when I went to RD, the choice brisket shelf was empty, and the price diff. was 40 cents/lb, which was enough to offset an extra pound of fat trimming...
The flat is resting in my oven in 2 layers of foil/2 layers of towels. The point went back into the smoker 45 minutes ago...Again, with the no camera! Some photographer I turned out to be!

I used my cherry Mojobrick that was provided as a sample by our good friends at BBQ Island, along with some apple and hickory chunks for the butts, the remainder of the Mojobrick and hickory for the brisket...Taste test for breakfast!
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For cooking, lower and slower. For spices, mo' hotter, mo' better. Habaneros rule!


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