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We will be mailing a check tomorrow to the Autism Society of America (Greater Phoenix Chapter) in the amount of $399.  Special thanks go out to Chuck and Terri with Bark N' Chickens for donating the proceeds from their Chicken Hat sales.  Additionally, we'd like to thank Brent and Kim with QN4U and Chris and Smitty with Loot N' Booty for donating PC meat.  All of the donations, both monetary and meat, really meant a lot to Lisa and I....and ultimately to ASA.

We'd also like to thank Jim, Diane and Trevor Jones for supplying the Maker's Mark gift bag for the Cook's Meeting raffle.  We were thrilled to raise $100 off thanks to Big Daddy's BBQ of Tempe's high bid (who by the way is leading the ROY points race).

Thanks again to everyone for the kind donations. 

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Awesome to hear Crash, our AZBarbeque members are really incredible and it's always amazing to see such generosity from them.

Thanks to everyone for all of your continued support. 
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Anytime Crash!! You and Lisa are amazing people and should be proud for all that you do for ASA!
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yeah i will do what i can for the charity
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jim jonses son


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