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Mrs. McFrankenboo

We went to the Cold Stone headquarters the other night to meet Larry Fitzgerald and to try the ice cream he concocted to help raise awareness/money for Breast Cancer in honor of his mother who lost her fight in 2003.  The "Heaven Eleven" flavor is strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chips and real strawberries and bananas mixed in.  It is fabulous!!  I highly recommend going out to get a cup and help the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  I know how much all you men love the 3 B's (BBQ, Beer and... well you know) so go out and support him and the foundation!  I believe the flavor is currently available at all Cold Stone locations.  I am not an ice cream eater but damn was it good!

Oh, and I made the photographer give me his Heaven Eleven shirt because I let him take my picture for Cold Stone Internal stuff (I was dressed in my Cards gear :)
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Where's the Picture Erin??

Glad you were able to meet him and get an Autograph.  Too Cool...
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I do love me some cold stone...none around here :(

Next trip to Phoenix for sure! 

My grandmother had a double mastectomy, my mother-in-law had a tumor that ended up being benign (thank goodness) but was still scary and my wife is a x-ray tech/mammographer so breast cancer awareness is a cause we as a family are very aware of.
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Mike boils his ribs....pass it on.


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I too lost my mother a few years ago but to lung cancer. However, I feel for anyone who has to lose someone special for any reason. While in the Air Force, I contributed to the "Save the Ta-Ta's" campaign regularly. And though my teeth wont allow me to indulge in the cold stuff often, I do have kids and will absolutely get some for them. 

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I checked this topic, thinking I was going to see another one of Dean's famous pictures, now I'm craving some ice cream. Good thing there's a Cold Stone nearby.
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