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Michael, It was great talking to you about AZ-Barbeque assisting Rescue Task Force.  RTF was among the first civilians into Kosovo and the first relief agency into Iraq. They have personally delivered aid to Afghanistan refugees fleeing into Pakistan. Currently they are delivering medical teams, medical supplies, clean water systems, hand tools and emergency food and sanitary needs to isolated jungle villages inland from the Miskito Coast of Honduras. RESCUE TASK FORCE has completed the construction and equipping of three full service medical clinics and a maternity clinic deep in the jungle of Honduras that give regional Indian villages their first ever full time medical care. In addition to RTF’s jungle clinic work the organization has delivered over 3,000 wheelchairs to its projects in Cambodia and El Salvador. RTF has fifteen literacy Learning Centers for women in Afghanistan and has built two medical clinics and two playgrounds in Sri Lanka for victims of the Tsunami.  RTF also supplies Backpacks full of entertainment equipment and other necessities to wounded service men and women from Iraq and Afghanistan that have been sent to the states for medical care.

I feel that this will assist you in getting the media attention that AZ-Barbeque deserves
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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It was great meeting with you and your wife as well.  AZBarbeque looks forward to helping out RTF at one of our events next year.  We should be firming up some of our dates by mid-December and will work with you to choose an event that would help promote and raise money for RTF.

If you could, please provide some links so that our members can check out your site and all the great things RTF is doing.

We look forward to working with you next year.  ;)
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You can count on me if you need a helping hand putting an event together or as a volunteer.  I would be proud to be a part of an RTF event!

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