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2023 Springerville Rib Throwdown Results

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Hey all, here are the results from this year's Springerville Rib Throwdown. 

Thank you to all the Teams who came out and competed. 

Thank you to all the Judges who came out and Judged.

Thank you to all the Sponsors who helped make this event a possibility.

Thank you to Mike, Mary, Danielle and Tony for all their continued hard work, dedication and vision that keeps this event alive.

Thank you to everyone else who came and enjoyed the event and helped make it a great success.

Congrats to Juan with Smoke-Em-Good BBQ for winning his first GC at our event.  How exciting.

Congrats to Biggs BBQ for RGC.  Great job.


1Smoke-Em-Good BBQ
2Biggs BBQ
3Knight Smoke
4Different Smokes BBQ
5Lip S-mac'n BBQ
6Wildcat BBQ
7Schwab's Barbecue
8Smoke and Steel
10Papa's Smoken BBQ
11North Star BBQ
12Roughstock BBQ
13Anthony Spices
14Root'N Toot'N BBQ
15Meatology BBQ
16Shodawg BBQ
17Love Shack BBQ
18Carne Kings
19Smoke On The Water BBQ Co.
20Pistol Hill BBQ
21DJ's Smokin' BBQ
22El Rey BBQ
23Pork Bombin' BBQ
24Butters BBQ
25Firehouse BBQ
26Family Traditions BBQ
27Swimmin' In Smoke
28Slamcan Arizona Rib Team
29Slamcan Swill
30Prison Bus Food Truck
32Rafter G BBQ
1Knight Smoke
2Family Traditions BBQ
3Horse's A$$
4DJ's Smokin' BBQ
5Papa's Smoken BBQ
6Lip S-mac'n BBQ
7Biggs BBQ
8Pork Bombin' BBQ
9Different Smokes BBQ
10Carne Kings
11Roughstock BBQ
12Smoke-Em-Good BBQ
13Butters BBQ
14Michael Reimann is a Jerk
15Meatology BBQ
16Firehouse BBQ
Friday Night Appetizer Winners
1st Place - Smoke on the Water BBQ - Porkbelly Pinwheel
2nd Place - Schwabs BBQ - Mac N Cheese Balls
3rd Place - Slamcan BBQ - Bacon Date
Friday Night Dessert Winners
1st Place - Meatology - Cobbler
2nd Place - Papa's Smokin BBQ - Animal Crackers Cheese Dessert
3rd Place - Better World BBQ Danielle - Berry Dessert
Best Booth Winners
1st Place - Smoke on the Water BBQ
2nd Place - Papa's Smokin BBQ
3rd Place - Firehouse BBQ
People's Choice
1st Place - Root 'N Toot 'N BBQ
2nd Place - R & R BBQ
3rd Place - Northstar BBQ
4th Place - Papa Smokin BBQ
5th Place - Rafter G
Rum Categories
Overall - Dessert Won as Top Rum Dish this year.  Roughstock BBQ with the Carmel Rum Cheesecake
1st Place - Papa's Smokin BBQ - Malibu Breeze
2nd Place - Biggs BBQ - Dark & Stormy
3rd Place - Family Traditions - Hot Butter Rum
1st Place - Roughstock BBQ - Carmel Rum Cheesecake
2nd Place - Lip S-Mac'n BBQ - Better than Drunk Sex Rum Cake
3rd Place - Family Traditions - Spiced Cup Cake
Anything Butt
1st Place - Pork Bombin BBQ - Cuban
2nd Place - Biggs BBQ - Spiced Rum Sausage & Shrimp
3rd Place - RXR BBQ - Pork Belly Rum Cinnamon Roll
Kids Q Winners
12 - 17 year Olds
1st Place - Butter BBQ
2nd Place - Team H
11 and Under
1st Place - Swimmin in Smoke
2nd Place - Suns Out, Buns Out
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