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2023 Springerville Rib Throwdown Info

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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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This year we are moving locations to a new, long term venue/park.  

We are also trying a different approach to the Ribs this year.

Teams will Supply their own Ribs but we will also give $1/ticket back to the teams at the end of the event, so a 50/50 split.

We will be working with Prairie Fresh & Shamrock once again to get discounted Ribs delivered to the event.  When we find out what the price will be, we will let you know.  You can then choose to have the Ribs delivered or you can purchase and bring your own.

We have also reduced the Registration Fee to just $50 for the early bird this year, so make sure to get your team registered early & save some $$$.

Also, this year we will NOT be doing a Fireball Category.  It will instead be Cutwater Rum, so get to practicing.  Categories are Dessert, Entree or Drink.

Lastly, we are also changing the Bacon Category this year to Wings, so practice your best Wings as we want to see what you all have to offer.

We are excited for this year's event and the changes and look forward to seeing you all.
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